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I’m Tatsiana. This is my site.


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You can find some of the artworks created by me in the Gallery. Those are mostly watercolor paintings of animals, romance, dance, abstract and other…

Foodies can find some artistic creations as well. Feel free to use them for your own inspiration.


For those who like poetry, you can check out my Art + Words pairings. For the lovers of short verses I have the Crimson Sketches series, which is made of ACEO cards (pocket cards) accompanied by mini-poems.

If you like longer poetry that rhymes, I'd love to hear what you think about my Rhyming Wisdom series. The series also contains original magazine collages.


Stay tuned - I will be uploading more artistic creations ;)


Hope you find plenty of food for thoughts and soul here.



Feel free to browse around, check out my creations, tell your friends about it, share the content that you like, leave comments where possible and send me messages. I’d love to hear from you!



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