Rhyming Wisdom #2

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Health is more than just strong body...

Health is more than just strong body

Able to stay late to party.

Strength is more than lifting weights,

Running fast and winning race,

Getting energy from food.

You should also watch your mood.

Health begins with healthy mind,

Strength – with being nice and kind.

When you can control your temper,

You’ll become your own mentor.

Be the doctor of your life,

We are all here to thrive.

Treat your body, mind and soul

As connected parts of whole.

Listen to your intuition,

It will choose the best nutrition.

Keep your body strong and lean,

Mind exquisite, soul clean.

Gratitude throughout a day

Will keep illnesses away. 

Happy thoughts like protein

Build mood muscles from within.

To cleanse your heart forever after

Take daily lots and lots of laughter.

These simple rules will make life longer

And keep you healthier and stronger.



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