Crimson Sketches #7

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We tend to like those who ignore us, those who we cannot have. The truth is, we cannot possess anybody. It's our hurting Ego is longing for a reconciliation with that person who got us "hooked". The best way to deal with such situation is to let the "feelings" subside and die out of the lack of attention. Don't dwell on them, don't hate yourself. Write a poem, sing a song, draw a heart, dance in the rain, play musical instrument, cook your favorite meal, buy yourself new pair of shoes, eat that chocolate cake, drink martini, get new haircut - do what you love to do and express yourself in the best way you can. Turn pain into a muse :) Then let it go. We all deserve true, healthy love and care.




your tenderness

is a black swan

so rare

never touching my soul

I’m hoping

to see it one day

for that day

I’d give my all.


- Tatsiana

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