Crimson Sketches #9

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Women have an incredible ability to make a house a home. Given the right conditions and atmosphere, they can fill all around them with love.

Statistically, single women are doing better than single men. They are healthier and more successful. Men are known for withholding their emotions and for their resistance to commitment. However, it's a warm and loving relationship that heals all the wounds and gives the strength to both partners. Some men don't realize it and miss out on this advantage. All they have to do for their own benefit is to genuinely care about their women and watch their life flourishing as a result.

This is a generalized statement for heterosexual monogamous relationships. The idea is the same for all - never hold off love and care. Embrace it. It's not a sign of being weak, it will only make you stronger.



that soul

behind the walls of wind

crashed bricks

scattered salt

tighten air

why don’t you let her in

to make that castle home?


- Tatsiana

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