Rhyming Wisdom #4

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What do you bring?

How often we ask Universe

"Can I have that by any chance?”

We are obsessed with things to get,

But once fulfilled, we soon forget

To thank our life for goods received.

We switch the mind to next “cool” gift.

We keep collecting useless staff

With nagging feeling “Not enough”.

In our tunnel there’s no light.

“Wants” never can be satisfied.

What if instead of “Take. Take. Take.”

We switched to old school “Do and Make”.

Free gifts are easy to discard.

We add the value when work hard.

The bigger effort was to get,

The more we will appreciate.

Therefore, to get most precious gift,

We have to make a mental shift.

Instead of asking to receive,

Look what we have for world to give.

We’ll be rewarded and above –

To be adored and truly loved.



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