Crimson Sketches #12

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Love is not an object. It cannot be possessed. It cannot be bought, stolen, found. It cannot be lured, caught and caged. No rings and no promises can keep love.
Love is not a feeling. The most beautiful faces and seductive bodies cannot guarantee love. The sweetest words cannot induce love. Impeccable characters and wonderful souls undergo unrequited love. No amount of kindness and selfless giving can evoke love in empty hearts.
Love is a way of being. Truly loving person shares it freely with everyone. Love is a verb that doesn't need an object. You can see the love in the way they walk, talk, work, smile, touch... Loving hearts do everything with care.



two doves

in love

they don’t need chains

they have no aim to flee.

two hearts

can fly

as high as birds

if only they are free.


- Tatsiana

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