Rhyming Wisdom #7

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Hatch, Don’t Crack.

Human beings pretty much like eggs

Hide their essence under outer shell.

They can freeze of flee with their legs,

They protect their inner world so well.

Different colors, sizes, even shapes

Cannot tell you much what to expect

From this smart and agile form of apes,

They’re much more than pure intellect.

Don’t listen to the words, watch their deeds,

Observe the actions - that would be so wise.

True character will show when their needs

Or deeply rooted values compromised.

Somebody raw falls down and splashes,

Tries to hold onto liquid yolk.

Until the end of life it bashes

The whole world for him being broke.

The boiled one cracks but stays together,

No matter what, it will survive

The heat, the storm and any weather,

It’s been through hell and it will strive.

The breathing one is whole new story.

It breaks from pressure from inside.

That kind of egg knows joy and glory,

It honors life that haven’t died.

Don’t be afraid to break the ceiling,

When you are ready. Here’s the catch.

You will break through to new beginning.

Just don’t crack early, wait to hatch.



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