Rhyming Wisdom #8

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Music is magic...

In life, to feel fulfilled and whole

You need to nourish heart and soul.

There’s many ways to reach that goal,

Is there a method that fits all?

Most magical and therapeutic

Effect, no question, is from music.

Its power, strong and universal,

Can be applied with no rehearsal.

Whether you’re sad or feeling good,

There’s piece of music for your mood.

It calms in times of grief and sorrow,

It helps to move to brighter morrow.

The upbeat rhythm will make you move

And dance and sing and feel the groove.

It picks those up who fell apart.

Some music will inspire art.

Some moves you into tranquil state,

The perfect one to meditate.

Sometimes to reach that peaceful balance

You’ll have to find music in silence.

Let music stimulate your brain

And entertain you while you train.

Life is more gracious in the end

When music is your dear friend.



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