Rhyming Wisdom #9

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Power to connect.

After heavy storm and thunder

She will shine and make you wonder

Whether she’s got super powers

To turn wreckage into flowers.

She may not be super pretty,

But her mind is sharp and witty,

And her heart of pure gold

Stretches to embrace the world.

In her eyes so deep like ocean

You’ll sense power of emotion.

Those two channels shaped like almonds

Show you soul worthy of diamonds.

Her kindness overflows like fountains.

Her strength is not in moving mountains,

Her goal is not to rip the ridges,

But to connect and build the bridges.

The superwoman’s major trait

Is her desire to create,

To love, to nourish and to give,

To pour her heart, to roll her sleeve,

To mend the broken, sick to heal,

And just be real, to Live and Feel.

There’s not such thing as Superwoman,

She’s perfectly imperfect human.

With strengths and weaknesses embraced,

She is the gift to human race.



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