Crimson Sketches #2

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There are times when emotions overflow. Ignoring them or trying to suppress is not the healthiest thing to do. However, they affect our decision making skills. We simply cannot think and see clearly through the fog of tears. The best way to deal with emotions is to try to detach from them and watch them from the side. You can't stop the tide, but you don't have to surf in it.
Just remember - this, too, shall pass.


when you serf in emotion

catching ripples of truth

heart inflated

sweat dripping

eyes clogged

you know you’ll make it through

just push harder

this too, shall pass.


- Tatsiana

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Comments: 2
  • #1

    chae chong (Tuesday, 21 March 2017 21:31)

    This is truly inspiring poem!

  • #2

    Tatsiana (Thursday, 23 March 2017 13:11)

    Thank you Chae!