Rhyming Wisdom #10

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The wise will often be enchanted

By things that others take for granted.

They know that time is only borrowed,

Not everyone will get tomorrow.

They cherish every single moment,

Their life is treasure and enjoyment.

With no desire to impress,

They use the freedom to express.

And any time they have a chance,

They smile, they laugh, they sing and dance.

They also love with open heart

Despite the put downs from the “smart”.

For them nobody is too small,

They give abundantly to all.

They live today and never wait

Until they lose loved ones by fate.

They let them know in many ways

How precious they are every day.

Cause after all the best results

Of life well-lived will be in hearts

Of those we loved, so let them know

Right now, don’t wait the end of show.